Lido Marina Village Farmer’s Market — Review

One of the perks of running a charcuterie business is that I get to scope out new spots for fruits, nuts and of course…cheeses. Last week, I went down to the Lido Marina Village Farmer’s Market (Wednesdays 1:00pm-6:00pmI was thrilled to try some familiar flavors (vendors tend to work at every market in the county) and new ones as well.

A few of my recommendations:

Aris Natural Foods carries sheep’s milk yogurt, cheeses, and vegan products. I’ve experienced sheep’s milk yogurt before, but if you haven’t yet, it’s an easy traditional yogurt substitute for lactose-intolerant folks. Yes, I purchased the lemon yogurt, but I couldn’t leave without trying a fresh-made pita topped with vegan garlic spread, then pesto, then sun-dried tomatoes in oil. What a bite. Ok, I went home with those three as well.


The owner of Chone hot sauce grows his own peppers in South Orange County. He is friendly and offers fantastic recipe ideas. I took his recommendation and used the Green Hot Sauce mixed with olive oil as a marinade for chicken. After one hour in the sauce and a cook session on the grill, they were devoured. They had a kick, but not without a sincere depth of flavor.

Overall, the market had a number of vendors that offered take-home products, aka snack food/crowd pleasers. Notably, this market has the most expensive eggs I’ve seen at $7+ a dozen. Maybe next time, if I don’t leave with the inventory of the Greek spot, I’ll be able to buy a $7 dozen and see if I can taste the difference from my Grade A brown eggs I buy from Sprouts.

I’d love to hear more about other Farmer’s Market’s! Please comment below or on my Instagram to share!

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