“Beem” Me Up — To Northern Holland

I’m a spice lover. When I think “complex,” I think levels of flavors with a kick of spice. A creamy French Brie calls for a cracker and spicy jam, I put red pepper flakes in my pasta sauce, and Manchego is irresistible with spicy-salty nuts.

But then, in walked Beemster Classic and my world turned upside-down.

What does this 18-month aged Dutch cheese bring to the charcuterie board? How about a show-stopping deep ochre interior? Each bite starts with hints of nuts to pique interest. These notes transform to buttery flavors that linger in the little pieces of crystallization scattered throughout each slice. Now, put the Beemster atop a peppered cracker, add dried fruits, and a garlic-roasted almond.

Prepare for a flavor explosion.

Want to try Beemster Classic ? Great!

I’m including it in every summer delivery*

*While supplies last


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