Personalized Charcuterie Delivery in Orange County, CA

Stephanie Sandoval has long discussed the practical lifestyle: that which makes for a low-stress and beautiful life.

Whether it’s planning out the day to ensure the last moments before guests arrive are relaxed or learning not to sweat the small stuff, she lives by the mantra that the conversation, laughs, and personal touches are what people remember.

When it comes to entertaining, each host or co-host has a unique list of details and tasks in their mind to prepare for a successful gathering. Small gatherings with close friends require different planning than large dinner parties. Limited time often forces decisions to be made as to the importance of one thing over another.

Practical Provisions is built from this philosophy. She wanted to share how to start off an evening. Stephanie spent her early childhood on her great-grandmother’s ranch in Northern California and she quickly learned the value of high-quality, natural ingredients. She’s unsure if it’s her Italian and Spanish genes or the last few years in SoCal, but she’s developed a reputation for finding a balance between salty, sweet, and often spicy flavors.

Practical Provisions provides a way to present guests with the welcome they deserve and allows the host to focus on the other details that make for a memorable evening.

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